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Andrew “Andy” Favor – CPA

Libertarian for California State Controller
As Congressman John Campbell says, “we need more CPAs in Sacramento.”
California needs CPA Andy Favor as Controller!

Controller John Chiange proudly states that he “has moved swiftly” to meet the state’s obligations to state government workers and retirees. With the Social Security trustees now openly stating they will only have funds to pay 76 cents on the dollar to future retirees, and the Medicare system facing a $35 trillion dollar shortfall, we need a controller who will put taxpayers first. Cutbacks to Social Security and Medicare will cause residents to demand more from state government in the future. Those will be demands which we simply cannot afford. We need a controller who will fight to strengthen the economic well being of all California residents. Click on the tabs to see Andy’s solutions for retiree benefits, health care and improving education and our economy.
Returning Lost Property — Find money now! One of the functions of the controller is to act as a custodian for unclaimed property from insurance payouts, closed bank accounts, etc. To see if you have money click here:

Please note: When filing a claim make copies of the documents you are submitting. For example, we have unclaimed property that we have attempted to recover for over a year. Reducing the problem of the Contoller’s office loosing documents is a problem I will work to minimize. Until, then be prepared and maintain copies of submitted documents.

About Andy
Andy is a graduate of San Diego State University and has lived with his wife Lisa and their two children for the past 21 years in Laguna Niguel. Andy is a practicing CPA specializing in small business. Because of his profession, Andy is acutely aware of the regulatory and financial burdens on California businesses and property owners. As controller Andy will try to influence the legislature and other regulatory agencies to eliminate many of the complex laws, and inefficient state services so that our children will inherit a vibrant California that respects individual liberty, and fosters greater personal responsibility giving rise to a renewed community spirit. See “Economic Growth” tab for additional information on the current hostile business environment in California.
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